New Year, New you! 30 day yoga and ab challenge


30 day yoga and ab challenge to jump start your fitness goals for the new year with your free printable calendar.

Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know about you but I love the start of a new year. I’m not one for making resolutions because I feel like they are made to be broken. What I do love however, is the chance to start fresh and make goals so I can kick some serious butt this year! I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than with your health! I’ve created a 30 day yoga and ab challenge to help jump start your 2018 with a free printable calendar which will keep you on track on a daily basis. This 30 day yoga and ab challenge starts January 1st however you can really start any day of the week you choose! If you miss a day, that’s ok you can always make up for it the next! The calendar is there to help keep you on a realistic schedule that you can stick with. It just takes a few minutes each day!

This 30 day yoga and ab challenge focuses on a different yoga pose and ab exercise that you perform each day designed to work your core while improving your flexibility, strength, mood and overall well being. The calendar is designed to help keep you accountable while making it fun by trying something new every day! Who doesn’t want to tone it up for the new year while having a little fun?Jump start your fitness goals as we head into the new year with this 30 day yoga and ab challenge with your free printable calendar. Get ready tone it up, improve your core strength and flexibility while having a little fun! Get ready to slay your fitness goals for 2018!

Here is a breakdown of how the 30 day yoga and ab challenge works to keep it simple.30 day yoga and ab challenge

Perform the exercise on each day as instructed by the picture on your calendar. For example, January 1st ( Monday) is downward facing dog. Then on the 2nd (Tuesday) you add the second exercise so you are performing downward facing dog and a plank hold as instructed. You repeat this sequence each day until you reach day 31. This way, you are slowly building up to a full routine, building strength each day.  By the end of the challenge you are performing all 31 of the exercises. You will be amazed at how your body responds! Your body will get stronger and exercises that may have been difficult for you in the beginning soon become so much easier!

Here is a breakdown of the rules on how to perform each exercise in the 30 day yoga and ab challenge

Each odd day on the calendar ( starting with the 1st) has a new yoga pose for you to try. Try to hold each pose for a total of 30 seconds for 3-5 rounds. Taking just a short little break in between.

Each even day on the calendar ( starting with the 2nd) has an ab exercise for you to work on. I want to keep things as uncomplicated as possible so here it goes:

  • Each time you see a plank exercise you hold it for 30 seconds and repeat 5x ( if the exercise is targeting one side of the body, make sure you perform 5x on each side). If 30 seconds is too much for you, start with 15 seconds and work your way up increasing by 5 seconds each day. If 30 seconds feels comfortable, challenge yourself and work up to 1 minute.30 day yoga and ab challenge
  • Each time you see an ab exercise that doesn’t involve a plank: repeat for 3 sets of 15 reps. If the ab exercise is targeting one side, perform 15 on each side. Take a short rest in between sets.

That’s it for the rules, it really is that easy to follow!

Wait, I forgot to mention the best part! What’s a challenge without a winner right?

Sign up for the 30 day yoga and ab challenge and you will be entered to win a prize! Ok so I am really bad at keeping secrets so I will have to fill you in on what the winner will get!

Join the challenge today and you will be entered to win a free one on one consultation with me to design a fitness program perfect just for you! Perhaps you are recovering from an injury, childbirth or you just want something new and fresh personalized for you! I’m excited to help you reach your health and fitness goals for 2018! The winner will receive a free consultation via email or phone ( your choice) and then a personalized program along with fitness tips. The winner will also receive free email follow ups so I can answer questions. track progress and help you along your fitness journey. I will draw a winner on February 1st and announce via email and social media. Make sure you follow me below to stay up to date throughout the challenge!

So there you have it, all the details you need to know to begin the 30 day yoga and ab challenge to start the new year off right!

Ready to start?

Let’s do this! I will personally be doing this challenge every day with you!

Sign up here to get your free printable calendar to go along with the 30 day yoga and ab challenge and get ready to kick butt in 2018!

Get ready to tone up those abs, trim that waistline, get flexible and most important just feel good!

I’m here for you every step of the way to answer any questions and provide support.

Please email your questions and feedback to

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Stayed tuned for when I announce the winner of the 30 day yoga and ab challenge on February 1st!





Happy new Year!

I have a feeling this year is going to be awesome!

Your friend,

Dr. Allie Flowers




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  1. I’ve been hearing great things about yoga but just haven’t found an easy way to get started with it. This looks great. Maybe I can learn all the poses I keep hearing people talk about. LOL.
    My sister says yoga has really helped her build muscle she’s never had before. Who can’t benefit from that?

    1. Absolutely! I agree! Yoga is amazing for so many reasons and I love the way it has helped me to build my core strength!

  2. I’ve been working out for two years and abs are still my weakest muscle group. Abs in the new year is a goal I can get onboard with, especially over the next few months in prep for the summer!

    1. I agree! Abs are my least favorite body part to work on so I try to make it fun! Yoga has helped to improve my core strength so much!

  3. What a great resource! I’ve been meaning to find time to do more yoga. And abs, well, who doesn’t have to work on those. Thanks for the tips and challenge.

  4. Ok, you made this look really easy and something that I might be able to achieve. I have been wanting to add yoga to my workout routine and this challenge looks easy.

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