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Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Postpartum Fitness and Personalized Workout Plans

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Dr. Allie Flowers and I have a passion for helping others improve their health through prescribed physical exercise, fitness, yoga and proper nutrition.

My Mission is to help you live the healthiest, happiest life you can by being the best version of yourself! I have a passion for helping women achieve their fitness goals before, during and after pregnancy. I exercised my entire pregnancy and I was able to lose the baby weight quickly, heal from diastasis recti and get in better shape than ever! I want to show you how you can do it too! However, my expertise is not limited to pregnancy and postpartum care. I believe exercise is medicine and I help people on a daily basis recover from injury, restore movement, improve strength and quality of life.

My Background, Education and Certifications

I am a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and I have been practicing for 12 years. I received my masters degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Connecticut and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Boston University. I am a certified orthopedic specialist, manual therapist and functional dry needling practitioner. You can learn more about dry needling here! I am a certified yoga therapist and 200 hour registered yoga teacher. I specialize in teaching therapeutic and restorative classes.  Combining my physical therapy background with yoga has truly been life changing for my patients and for myself! I enjoy helping others live their best life and I want to help you too! So whether you are looking to heal from an injury, improve your fitness, recover postpartum, or just live a healthier life, I am here to offer you online support!



Are you recovering from an injury, suffering from chronic pain or looking for the correct exercises to do on a daily basis? Then this package is for you. What you will receive:

  • One on one initial consultation via telephone or email ( your choice). This consultation will focus on your individual needs, goals and set up your personalized plan.
  • A 6 week program with specific exercises and lifestyle recommendations designed to help you decrease pain and improve quality of life
  • Weekly check in for proper progression of your program
  • Unlimited  email follow up for questions/concerns


This package is perfect if you are looking to prevent injury, prepare for upcoming surgery or if you would just like to learn how to perform exercises properly without having to go to the gym or clinic.

  • One on one initial consultation via phone or email to personalize your plan and discuss goals
  • This includes a 6 week exercise program focusing on a combination of proper strengthening, stretching and postural exercises based on your individual needs.
  • Weekly check in for proper progression of program
  • Unlimited email follow up for questions

Postpartum Fitness

Are you a new mom and just not sure where to start? Then I am here to help! I have put together some wonderful plans for my patients postpartum focusing on how to ease back into exercise properly while avoiding injury. These programs range from improving pelvic pain, healing diastasis recti, postpartum yoga and just getting back into shape safely.

  • One on one consultation via phone or email to discuss concerns, goals and establish a plan of action.
  • A 6-12 week exercise plan depending on where you are in your postpartum journey designed to help you ease back into fitness safely after baby
  • Weekly check ins for proper progression of program
  • Unlimited email follow up for questions

Yoga Therapy

This package focuses on using the principles of yoga to help you heal your body, de-stress, recover from injury and establish your practice.

  • One on one consultation via phone or email to discuss your goals and develop a personalized yoga practice for you
  • 3 personalized yoga routines based on your individual goals with printable handouts and/or video option
  • Follow up consultation for feedback/questions/progress
  • Unlimited email for questions

Are you ready to get started?

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I’m so excited to hear from you and to help you on your journey!

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Dr. Allie Flowers, PT, DPT, OMT-C, RYT