Postpartum Yoga Routine for New Moms

postpartum yoga routine for new moms

Looking to ease back into a yoga routine after giving birth, or looking to start a yoga practice? Then I have the perfect yoga routine for you! Learn a safe and effective postpartum yoga routine to help stretch and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, ease lower back pain, decrease anxiety and improve overall energy and mood! Let’s get ready to hit the mat!

Mommy and me workout: 10 yoga poses to do with your baby or toddler

Mommy and me workout: 10 yoga poses to do with your baby or toddler

Do you love to practice yoga but just can’t find the time to get to a class? Are you looking for a routine you can perform from home with your little one? Then look no further! This mommy and me yoga routine gives you 10 yoga poses you can perform with your baby or toddler. Learn these yoga poses today and have fun playing with your baby while you get a workout in at the same time!

Total body toning stroller workout

A total body toning stroller workout moms can perform with their baby, without any equipment needed. These exercises are targeted to strengthen all of your muscles while having fun with your baby and getting outside. An effective total body workout you can perform in 30 minutes anywhere, anytime with cardiovascular benefits too!

10 reasons to love your pregnancy

A list of positive reasons to love your pregnancy journey, from getting a chance to give into your cravings, your baby bump/ feeling your baby move for the first time and the wonders it does for your hair, skin and nails just to name a few.