7 moves to a better butt that don’t involve squats

Who doesn’t want a better butt and perkier backside? Learn the best moves to work your butt that do not involve squats. Yes it’s possible to work your butt if you are unable to do squats or just looking to spice up your workout routine. Incorporate these exercises to strengthen your glutes, tone up your legs and be on your way to a better perkier butt today! Even better, strengthening your glutes not only tones your legs but has been clinically proven to reduce low back pain! Let’s get started!

Best exercises to get strong toned arms

Learn the best exercises to get strong, toned arms and get rid of the “arm jiggle” for good. This strengthening workout targets the shoulders and triceps to help your create lean, toned arm muscles without appearing bulky. Perform this exercise routine at the gym or at home; all you need is a sets of dumbbells and a resistance band.

Total body toning stroller workout

A total body toning stroller workout moms can perform with their baby, without any equipment needed. These exercises are targeted to strengthen all of your muscles while having fun with your baby and getting outside. An effective total body workout you can perform in 30 minutes anywhere, anytime with cardiovascular benefits too!

15 minute daily yoga routine to improve hip flexibility

Learn all about yoga therapy and how it can help to decrease pain, improve flexibility and function. This routine targets the hips and teaches you how can perform yoga postures utilizing blocks, blankets and other props to help you unwind, decrease discomfort and improve your practice.