Healthy crockpot Mexican stuffed pepper recipe

Healthy crockpot mexican stuffed pepper recipe

Healthy Mexican stuffed peppers you can make in the crockpot or slow cooker. These healthy stuffed peppers are packed with protein: made with lean ground turkey, quinoa and black beans. This recipe makes a great easy to make go to week night dinner!

7 moves to a better butt that don’t involve squats

Who doesn’t want a better butt and perkier backside? Learn the best moves to work your butt that do not involve squats. Yes it’s possible to work your butt if you are unable to do squats or just looking to spice up your workout routine. Incorporate these exercises to strengthen your glutes, tone up your legs and be on your way to a better perkier butt today! Even better, strengthening your glutes not only tones your legs but has been clinically proven to reduce low back pain! Let’s get started!